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3 Reasons To Try Slow Fashion


I know you are seeing this phrase everywhere these days. This is the concept that we should be fairly trading fashion in a way that empowers the artisans who make our clothes and creating clothing that is better for the environment. Here are a few reasons why your t-shirt should cost more than your #5 meal at Chick-fil-a.

1. Empower the Artisan -  This one is quite simple. Doesn't it just make sense to pay the factory workers who are creating our clothing a fair, living wage? This not only creates a sustainable supply chain, it gives our artisans credit where credit is due. In turn, these artisans get to support their families, make a fair, living wage and we are steering clear of exploitation, child labor, and unsafe working conditions.

2. Less is More - When we redirect our focus from a trend driven approach, we realize that there is a lot of nasty stuff going on in the fast fashion world. Slow Fashion is the approach to shopping intentionally and realizing that less is better. In my opinion, having one t-shirt that costs $39 is far better than having 3 t-shirts that cost about $5 each. Those Forever 21 shirts are not made to last. You'll get maybe one of two wears and that item will be a goner. Where as that $39 t-shirt made of Organic Cotton will last you for years and become a staple in your closet because of its durability and versatility.

3. Easy on the Earth - This might be a no-brainer, but lots of fast fashion brands are making their clothes with PLASTIC. For example: Polyester, when polyester items are thrown into the wash, millions of micro plastics are leaking into our water systems, not to mention this plastic waste is piling up in the landfill after we Marie Condo our closets. I like to switch the focus here to more sustainable, earth friendly fabrics that not only come from the earth, but are easy on the earth in the whole life cycle of washing, drying and wearing. These fabrics include: Organic Cotton, Tencel Modal, Bamboo, Eucalyptus and Linen.

These are only 3 reasons but my list could go on. If you're new here and you haven't shopped slow fashion, I encourage you to give it a try. It could change your life, and someone else's! ;)

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  • Victoria on

    Keep it up, bestie!! So proud of you. You amaze me every day!

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