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End Human Trafficking

Recently my eyes were opened to the devastating fact that human trafficking is still very real and the United States is the epicenter of the demand. Women and children are being trafficked into slavery at a very young age. Thankfully, there are things we can do and there are organizations out there like Operation Underground Railroad, fighting the fight on the front lines to rescue survivors of human trafficking and seeking justice for the victims.

Let me break it down for you

1. A fair trade, ethically made t-shirt, piece of jewelry or pair of jeans was made in a factory where the humans who made it are paid a fair, living wage.

2. These people can afford housing, healthcare and have access to schooling for their children. They are financially independent because of the fair wage they are given.

3. This results in the fact that they are not as vulnerable to traffickers in that they are able to provide for themselves and their families and do not have to rely on other sources of income.

So by choosing ethical brands, asking "who made my clothes", educating others on this topic, we can all move forward and tackle this problem.

A few brands that I love

Are right here in the store for you to purchase; Crowned Free & Bytavi. These brands, among many others are fighting social injustices within the fashion industry, employing women around the globe who are survivors of human trafficking and are active in donating profits to organizations fighting human trafficking.

Not to mention...

Their clothing actually EMPOWERS, is sustainably made & gives back to our most vulnerable communities. A no brainer- in my opinion.

Lastly, your voice MATTERS! If you see something like this happening speak up, educate yourself and your community, shop ethical and with purpose.


* This blog was written and inspired from the words of Melissa Smith, Owner of Arrive Market. She has mentored me and educated me on fair trade fashion and the direct positive impact that it has on fighting human trafficking *

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