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Four Reasons Why I choose Handmade Over Mass Produced

Growing up I was never familiar with the term "fast fashion" but as an apparel design major at Appalachian State University, I became quickly aware of the true meaning of these words.

Here are a few reasons why I choose hand made over mass produced:

1. Handmade items are carefully and diligently made by real humans who make a living wage

2. Handmade items are thoughtfully created with the environment in mind, meaning only making quantities to order and never mass producing. Mass producing can lead to being thrown into the landfill after one season.

3. Handmade items are ALWAYS made to a better quality and standard as the time spent on ethically made items is much longer than those mass produced.

4. It's always nice to know the name of the artisan who made your clothes.

I want to challenge you to get to know your makers, ask who made your clothes, support small businesses over large enterprises. It's not easy to become a conscious consumer over night but it is easy to start shopping with a purpose!

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