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Make Loved Clothes Last

Did you know that about 25% of the carbon footprint from our clothes comes from the way we CARE FOR IT? I definitely did not know this. Helllllo! calling me out for loading that thing to the brim and pressing start. I've created a few eco-friendly tips for the next time you ( and me ) toss our clothes into the washer.

♻︎ Always wash your clothes on tap cold, this not only lengthens the life of your garment but saves on your energy bill as well.

♻︎ Wash your clothes inside out, this preserves prints from cracking and colors from fading. It might be a little tedious turning them back out once dried but trust me this will help lengthen the life of your garment.

♻︎ Use natural detergents, avoid chemicals, dyes, bleach and harsh fragrances. Head on over to GoodJuJu Herbal for the most amazing natural soap that can double as a detergent.

♻︎ Line dry. line dry. line dry. This not only saves energy but also keeps your clothes from the wear and tear of the dryer. When our clothes rub up against each other in the dryer, the friction causes those annoying little balls on our shirts to appear ( the technical term for this is "pilling" )

♻︎ Invest in higher quality, *hand made over mass produced* garments. This will ensure that your garment was made carefully and thoughtfully and was not part of an assembly line. Fast Fashion garments are cheaply made, with a mentality that it will be replaced after a few wears. Check that fabric content and look for things like 100% Organic Cotton, Viscose, Modal or Lyocell.


Let's care for our clothing and embrace a slow fashion mentality!

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